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Title. Axe

Type. Feature

Status. Pre-production

Genre. Psychological Thriller Based on the Award Winning Short.

Synopsis. What drives a man to madness? When James and his wife Chrissie move back into his childhood home, James becomes haunted by the disturbing memories of his past that begin to alter his perception of reality.


With over 11 year in the industry and 200 films under his belt, award winning filmmaker Michael Coulombe will direct his screenplay and first feature film. Based on his 2013 award winning short, Axe is a story of love, loss and a man driven to madness. Themes relevant in a society loaded with social discord. Michael is attracting an amazing cast and crew which he will head as the creation of his master piece is brought to life. Martin Broz is honored to be producing this brilliant film with Michael. Check out the IMDb Pro page for status updates.  

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