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Live Events

Live event photography and videography.


Live events are special. When everyone is in the moment and we can capture the candid, that's where the magic is at. There is often a great deal of time invested in putting together an event, let's make sure the memories never fade.

Special Occasions 

Every day is a special occasion, but somedays are extra special. Celebrate like nothing else exists while we snap the shots that last forever.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes captures highlight the magic, the moments, the feeling - Blink and it's gone. Whether it's a film set or a party, these moments are priceless.


Every event is special. The time, the planning, the coordination, the effort. Make your impact and be sure to take some pictures.

The Great Wall of Los Angeles

This is my favorite collection from The Great Wall of Los Angeles. These images are available as collector NFT's on my Rarible page.

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